Red Zebra provides the ultimate platform for financial institutions and merchants to market their products more effectively to customers and reinforce their loyalty with relevant and targeted rewards.

We apply advanced analytics techniques to guarantee you target the right customers with the right rewards and the right time.

Our offering is highly sensitive to customer needs and compliant with restrictive data and privacy protections policies. No individual customer data ever leaves the bank.

Benefits for Banks

  1. Turn your online banking statements into a “good news channel”, giving customers a relevant and value-added rewards and a real reason to migrate to your online banking services – whether online or mobile.
  2. Increase relevance with target customer segments. Move to customers’ front of mind with a bank branded App. Incentivise adoption of online and mobile banking services and move your bank payment products front of wallet.
  3. Position yourself as the primary gateway for your customers to acces value-added rewards from retail brands they love.

Benefits for Retailers

  1. Reach out to new and existing customers with highly targeted rewards. The customer base of your bank partner receives your offerings on their bank’s online website, an environment where they feel secure and confident. Raise your brand awareness, influence spending behaviour and promote new acceptance environments without additional impact on or effort at the point of sale.
  2. Provide suitable offers on the spot, based on the customers’ current needs and location. Make sure your brand engages the customers at the right time in the right place.
  3. Reinforce brand engagement with powerful offers, imagery, copy and micro-sites straight to customers online banking website.

Benefits for your Customers

  1. Attractive offers from trusted retail partners are presented in a non-intrusive way and are highly relevant to customers’ preferences.
  2. Customers are always in absolute control. They can opt-in or opt-out of the service at anytime. No unwanted emails, sms text messages or phone calls.
  3. A convenient and compelling online and mobile interface guarantees access to relevant offers anytime and anywhere.
  4. A playful environment keeps customers informed about their past, present and future rewards.

View a demo of the Red Zebra Loyalty platform, presented at Finovate Europe 2014: