3D Offers

Red Zebra Loyalty Platform


The best way for financial institutions to give customers a compelling reason to use their online banking services and engage them with offers that they really want!

The Loyalty Platform allows retailers to place their offers in the digital banking environment in a way that is highly sensitive to customer needs and compliant with restrictive data and privacy protection policies.

Customer can enjoy relevant offers merely by registering their participation via online banking services and using their bank card for any purchases.

How it works?

  1. Trusted retailers specify offers targeted at a specific customer segment;
  2. The offers are placed into the online banking platform and are distributed to customers who meet the segment criteria;
  3. Customers activate the offers they like to use via the online banking statement and then shop with their bank card;
  4. Qualified transactions are recognised and the reward is credited directly to the customer’s account.

Why it works?

  1. It is a Plug & Play solution with minimal IT integration requirements.
  2. It is designed to work with any bank technology platform.
  3. No one outside the bank has access to individual customer data – data never leave the bank’s firewall!
  4. No need for merchants to implement aditional fuctionality or new procedures for staff at the point of sale.